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Nursing Home Negligence

When ensuring the care of a loved one to a nursing home, it is reasonable to expect the care and compassion from the staff that a person would provide for their own family member. However, some nursing homes do not uphold this level of care. This upsetting reality is unthinkable and traumatic for elderly patients and their families. The Coye Law Firm will hold nursing homes responsible for the person care of your loved one. Swift action is vital in personal care issues, so call our offices today if you are concerned about the care your elderly relative. No one should have to endure personal injuries alone.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

If while living in a nursing home your loved one has experienced:
  • Malnutrition or dehydration,
  • Lack of assistance with personal hygiene,
  • Sores,
  • Failure to be given proper medication,
  • Inadequate staffing,
  • Unsanitary living conditions,
  • Unexplained injuries or death,
then they may be the victim of nursing home negligence.

Nursing home negligence may occur because of little or no visitation from family members. If a patient has no one to check in on them, then negligence can go unnoticed. If you suspect that your loved one is being neglected in his or her nursing home, it is imperative to change the situation. Speaking to an administrator or nurse in the home may bring conditions to light that they weren't aware of. Action can help improve the quality of care for your loved one and the others who live in the facility.

If mentioning these issues does nothing to improve the situation, then pursuing legal action may be the next step.

Call the Coye Law Firm today so you can ensure that the legal and personal rights of your elderly loved one are being protected. Our personal injury lawyer team will investigate areas of liability and compensation while working with all parties to ensure your loved one's health and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How should I chose a nursing home?
A: There are many things to consider when helping a loved one make the move to a nursing home. It may be helpful to visit the facility in person to see if it fits the patient's needs. Additionally, to ensure the patient's safety, consult health inspection reports, fire safety reports, and other measurements of quality. It is helpful to consider many nursing homes in the area in order to compare and choose the best fit.

Q: Who conducts the inspections of nursing homes?
A: The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services contracts state agencies to inspect nursing homes. In addition to fire safety and health inspections, they investigate complaints about care at the nursing home. Unless the nursing home is performing poorly, these check are done about once a year.

Q: Who should I speak to first if I have concerns about the care of my loved one?
A: Nursing home require a grievance procedure, or a way for complaints to be filed. Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) are there to help residents with daily activities, and therefore are often on staff 24 hours a day. These employees can have some of the most contact with your relative, so if a problem arises, they may be able to solve it easily. If contacting one of their superiors doesn't solve the issue, some homes have resident/family councils. This can be a good way to voice concerns to the whole community.

Q: How do I remove my loved one from the home if they no longer want to live there?
A: Since one must pay for the service of living in a nursing home, the patient has the right to leave if they no longer want to live there. Some homes require a notification and may require this in advance, so it is important to consult their procedure.

These questions, along with many more, appear in the "Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home Handbook," available in full here .

The Coye Law Firm is dedicated to serving the families of central Florida. If you have entrusted a loved one to a nursing home and their care is not adequate, it is necessary to change. If discussing the issue with the staff doesn't resolve the issue, you need an experienced lawyer to keep your loved one safe, happy, and healthy. contact us today.